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Before your first consultation with a lawyer on a new issue, you can prepare by completing one of our customized, topical legal worksheets. These legal worksheets take the form of legal checklists, and they serve as key legal resources to help you make the most of your initial meeting with your lawyer. We’ve identified many of the key questions your lawyer will need to ask in order to understand your needs. Using our legal worksheets, you’ll be able to gather relevant information in advance, so you can come to your consultation fully prepared. Additionally, if you send the completed legal worksheets to your lawyer before your call, they can review key details in advance, which will make your call much more productive.

Below, you can browse our list of topic-specific legal checklists representing a wide range of legal issues from contract drafting to intellectual property protection to litigation. Once you’ve settled on your desired topic, you will be prompted to answer relevant questions, and, once completed, you’ll be able to email yourself a PDF to share with your lawyer. We’ve designed these legal resources with the goals of making legal simpler and saving your company time and money.