Join Network - Priori

What is Priori?

Priori is a legal marketplace that matches excellent lawyers with corporate and entrepreneurial clients.
Who is it for?
Priori helps experienced contract, sole practitioner, boutique and mid-size firm lawyers grow their business. Our network lawyers and clients come from all regions and industries.

Why join?
Build your business
Work with high-growth enterprises and large corporate clients without time-consuming business development.
It’s free and transparent
Our clients pay separately, so you always understand your rate.
We know the industry
The Priori founders and many team members are lawyers. We understand the issues and our clients.
Connect with like-minded legal professionals in your practice area and geography.

What's the application process?
1. Submit an application
Fill out the form below. You’ll receive a confirmation email and be prompted to log in and complete your application.
2. Application review
Once you’ve submitted your application, we’ll use our proprietary scoring system to review it. We’ll reach out to let you know if your application is moving forward or is being placed on-hold for the moment.
3. Video call
If you progress to the next stage, we’ll set up a call so we can get to know you and answer questions about joining.
4. Reference checks
Finally, we’ll need a reference from one attorney and one client you’re working with now or have worked with in the past.
5. Welcome to Priori: winning work
Once approved, you’ll receive weekly opportunity emails containing projects you can submit a proposal for. You’ll also be continually considered for projects that match your skill set on the marketplace and notified when a client wants to set up a call.

Ready to Apply?
After submitting your name and email address below, you'll be prompted to fill out a short application. We're looking forward to getting to know you.



More questions? Visit our Quick Start Guide to find out more about how it works.