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Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions

A major corporate transaction, such as a joint venture, merger or acquisition, can make or break your business. When millions of dollars are potentially on the line, you need an experienced lawyer on your team to help you negotiate the deal, conduct due diligence, draft contracts and handle any regulatory compliance. Priori’s on-demand legal marketplace is comprised of deal lawyers with top law firm credentials offering services to our startup and SMB clients at a fraction of the cost of a firm. When you’re doing a major deal, the last thing you want is a junior associate leading the charge. With Priori, you get all the benefits of a major law firm with none of the drawbacks.

Many deals you’re considering could be structured in different ways: joint venture, merger, acquisition or something else entirely.

A joint venture is a short-term partnership between parties jointly engaging in a relationship for a defined purpose and period of time. Common examples include combining resources, such as capital, facilities or technical expertise, to develop a new product or use one company’s channels and access to market another’s product. An agreement between the partners in such a venture will establish how assets are contributed, risks are shared and governance is managed. A lawyer can advise you about whether a joint venture is the best structure given your situation and constraints. And, if you do decide to proceed, a lawyer can work with you to craft an agreement that protects your interests.

In an acquisition, one company purchases another through stock or assets. Legal considerations for any acquisition include structure, intellectual property, employment, tax, securities and financing. An attorney can help advise you on the optimal structure of the acquisition, negotiate the key terms and conduct due diligence. 

A merger is the legal combination of two separate entities, in which there is no designated acquiring company. Like acquisitions, mergers have very complicated legal implications. An attorney can help you create a merger agreement to establish terms of the merger, including the governance structure of the newly formed entity. Your attorney will also advise you if a merger is the appropriate approach for your corporate transaction.

A merger, acquisition or joint venture might just be the biggest decision you ever make for your company. Selecting the right form of transaction, negotiating a beneficial and protective deal, drafting ironclad legal documents and conducting thorough due diligence are all imperative for your success. An experienced, savvy lawyer from Priori’s marketplace can help you accomplish all that and more.


Priori Legal Worksheets & Checklists

If you are considering a joint venture, merger or acquisition, complete one of our legal checklists. By providing details about your joint venture, merger or acquisition in advance of a consultation with a lawyer, you can make your initial meeting more productive and efficient. 

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