Your Pricing Options

Priori enables you and your lawyer to customize a pricing arrangement that best suits your personal circumstances. Whether that is an hourly rate agreement, flat rate package, capped fee, contingency fee, or subscription service, Priori can make it happen, and all lawyer rates offered through Priori reflect at least a net-17.5% discount off our lawyers’ standard market rates, inclusive of our fees. Our lawyers can offer these discounts because we handle all their back-office functionality, which means reduced overhead for them and exceptional rates for you (typically 60-75% less than a traditional firm solution).

What pricing option is right for me?

The right pricing option for you depends on your personal circumstances and the nature of your legal need. We’ve explained each of the pricing options below, and you can discuss your circumstances and your pricing alternatives with your attorney of choice during your free preliminary phone consultation, offered exclusively through Priori. Learn more about your free consultation and the Priori process here.

For some matters, a simple hourly rate billed once a month makes the most sense. Typically, hourly rates are applicable where a clear scope of work can’t be defined upfront; however, our lawyers can often estimate the number of hours a matter will take so that you can budget accordingly. Hourly rate matters simply require a small deposit from you to get started, equivalent to one half of your lawyer’s hourly rate. That deposit is then credited against your first monthly invoice for the matter. Invoices for hourly rate matters are sent to you by email on the 8th of each month for the preceding month’s work.


For matters with a clear scope of work, our lawyers regularly offer flat (fixed) rate packages that allow you to easily manage your legal budget. Some of the more typical matters handled by our lawyers on a flat rate basis include company formation, contract review and drafting, trademarks, patents, copyrights, immigration visas, startup packages, website and mobile application documents, financing/funding rounds, and different phases of litigation. If your particular project isn’t listed here, don’t worry, you can always ask your lawyer whether they can offer a flat rate package that suits your unique needs. Flat rate packages are billed in two components, 50% of the agreed amount upfront, and 50% once the work has been completed.


Capped rate arrangements set a maximum amount on the fees that your lawyer will charge for your matter. Your lawyer will still charge you their discounted hourly rate, billed once a month, but they will not bill over the agreed cap, even if the work ends up taking longer.


If appropriate for your needs, Priori can also manage matters that will be billed on a contingency (no success, no payment) or hybrid contingency/hourly rate basis. This type of payment structure tends to be most appropriate for certain types of litigation, but can also be utilized for M&A projects. Your Priori lawyer will be happy to discuss whether a contingency arrangement is suitable for your circumstances.


For companies and individuals with ongoing legal needs, Priori offers subscription packages in which you agree on a package of a certain number of hours work per month, usable across one or more lawyers in the Priori network. The packages enable you to manage your ongoing legal spend with certainty, with many legal departments using our subscription service to manage predictable overflow work, such as the review and negotiation of NDAs, licenses and vendor agreements, or basic litigation. Entrepreneurs also use our subscription service to manage a range of legal needs that may change on a monthly basis, including corporate advisory, immigration, employment, real estate, intellectual property, commercial contracts, and disputes. The monthly cost of the subscription package will depend on the number of hours you need per month and your preferred lawyers’ hourly rates.

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