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Webinar Video: Negotiating with Goliath

By Priori Legal
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On March 29, Priori held a webinar with legal leaders from Crossbeam, Seismic and Snappy. This incredible panel of startup counsels discussed how to navigate power gaps with large enterprise customers.

These transformative customer relationships bring with them lots of benefits, including a prestige logo, substantial revenue and product buy-in. Coming to reasonable contract terms with such an enterprise, though, can be time-consuming, inefficient, and fraught with difficult-to-navigate power differentials.

This panel featured Celaena Powder, Vice President of Legal at Seismic, Jeffrey Goldfarb, Vice President of Legal at Snappy and Amy Rose, General Counsel at Crossbeam, with Priori's General Counsel, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder Mirra Levitt moderating.

View the video to hear this group's tips on everything from NDAs to DPAs, how to get a large enterprise to start with your template contract, and what the lesser-known risky provisions can be for startups negotiating with big players.

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