Next Event: Put It in Writing! Understanding and Drafting Smart Contracts - Priori

Next Event: Put It in Writing! Understanding and Drafting Smart Contracts

By Priori Legal

 Tuesday July 28 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm

General Assembly

10 East 21st Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY

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About The Workshop

In Partnership with General Assembly

Every startup needs contracts to structure their relationships with employees, contractors, vendors, users and investors. The stakes are high. A poorly-drafted contract can be costly and expose you to avoidable risks like:

  • A former employee or contractor starting a competitive business
  • A potential (ex) joint venturer blabbing about your next big thing to a competitor
  • A software company producing code you think is substandard and discovering you have no recourse
  • Delivering your brilliant work-product to a client before they pay and learning that they have the rights to the intellectual property

Good contracts protect you against these devastating situations and more. Priori Lawyer Daniel Bellizio will give you the essentials of common contracts that early stage companies are likely to encounter. By the end of the class, you’ll learn about key clauses and common missteps, so you’ll be able to understand contract basics.

About The Speaker

event speaker

Prior to starting Bellizio + Igel PLLC, Daniel served as general counsel to the Oved Apparel Group, a premier fashion holding, design and manufacturing company with an array of men’s and children’s labels in its portfolio. In addition to his fashion-industry experience, Daniel counsels clients in fashion, beauty, technology, media, entertainment and the arts industries. His experience in both an in-house and law firm setting enables Daniel to provide his clients with practical advice from both a business and a legal standpoint. 

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