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The Priori Vetting Process

By Paige Zandri
| Priori News & Updates

At Priori, we recognize the expense and worry involved in finding the right lawyer, and at the right price. Our job is to remove those troubles.

A mere 20% of attorneys make it through our vetting process and into our network. We didn't pull this ratio out of nowhere: it's the natural result of our vetting process. Our vetted network of attorneys is easily accessible via our online platform, and the Priori rates clients receive from the attorneys in our network reflect their desire to bring valuable solutions to small businesses.

So how does our vetting process work?

It All Begins with an Extensive Application

First, our attorneys must submit a 40-plus question application in order to be considered eligible to move forward with the vetting process. After running over the basics, we ask our lawyers for details about their current practices and prior employment experience. Many of our lawyers are solo and small firm practitioners who previously worked at large law firms.

We also don't just want to know the area of law in which our lawyers focus. Rather, we ask our applicants, what kind of services do you provide most regularly? And what kind of practice areas would you be interested in expanding? We want to know that we’re connecting clients with attorneys who are excited about working with them.

Our questions are open ended because we like to hear from our lawyers in their own words. We believe that the unique value provided by each attorney can best be understood by listening to how they describe themselves and their practices.

Other details we ask for include whether a lawyer shares resources with another firm or organization and whether he or she engages in community involvement or pro-bono activities. Those traits reflect a certain type of lawyer that many clients find attractive, and we think that’s important information to know when setting expectations.

Put Your Practice Where You Mouth Is: Priori Attorneys Have Five Years of Relevant Experience and Requisite Malpractice Insurance

We believe a bit of judicial seasoning is necessary when it comes practicing law. Although we value lawyers from a variety of different backgrounds, one thing we won't budge on is experience and insurance. As legal liaisons, we want to ensure that all parties involved in a legal transaction are covered. Furthermore, we believe extensive experience equips our lawyers to handle a melange of legal situations.

Suit Up, It's Interview Time

“The in-person interview is often the most illuminating part of the process,” says Priori CEO and co-founder, Basha Rubin. You can be competent on paper, but lack promise in person. When it comes to small businesses, communication between client and lawyer needs to be comfortable, and our interviews are great predictors of that factor. We look for sharp self-presentation, respect, social aplomb, and genuineness. We rule out applicants who don't express themselves as passionate advocates for their clients.

Let's Check Out The Site, Shall We?

We run all of our applicants through a site-demo, from the perspective of both the potential lawyer and the client. We need our lawyers to be tech savvy to keep up with and improve the small businesses our clients operate. Our lawyers are ready and reliable with years of experience, yet they also possess the dynamics to understand a variety of shifting markets. In short, our lawyers understand the impact of law from a client's point of view.

Regular Checkups Are The Key To Continued Satisfaction

Our lawyers must maintain 95% client-based approval rating at all times. After every legal transaction, we ask for and heavily value client feedback. And we factor every review into approval status, so ratings aren't static.While someone can have accolades, we strongly believe that what matters the most is our clients' satisfaction. We take your word first.

So there you have it. Priori eliminates the mystery and replaces it with efficiency. We're confident that when you choose Priori, you choose quality.

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