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How to Find Success Using a Legal Marketplace: Stories From Attorneys

By Priori Legal

 23-2-6 Attorney Wins Blog Post

Read about some of the many ways attorneys can benefit from a legal marketplace

It’s no secret that many attorneys aren’t happy in the traditional law firm model. Long hours with stressful and inflexible schedules make attorney burnout common. A 2021 mental health survey by American Lawyer Media found that 71% of lawyers experience anxiety and the Great Resignation put a stronger spotlight on this long standing industry trend. Additionally, many attorneys have been caught up in the recent whirlwind of tech company layoffs, finding themselves looking for ways to bridge a gap between roles and create new income streams.

Attorneys can look to a legal marketplace as a solution to grow their burgeoning practices. Legal marketplaces connect companies with outside legal services, which include solo practitioners and small or boutique law firms (in addition to larger law firms and alternative legal services providers). 

So what does creating a new practice utilizing a legal marketplace look like? Attorneys from many different backgrounds with all types of skill sets find success on Priori Marketplace. Here are a few examples of ways attorneys have recently used Marketplace to bridge career gaps, secure new positions, work more flexibly and more. [Note: Attorney names have been changed for anonymity.]

Better Business Development

Priori Marketplace isn’t just for solo practitioners, or individual attorneys at larger firms—it’s a way for law firm managing partners to sustainably generate new options for their teams. Alex, the managing partner of an innovative boutique, has certainly found personal success through Priori Marketplace: he’s built relationships with clients ranging from late-stage venture-backed SaaS platforms to leading FinTech firms. But his success has also led to opportunities for his team, with two counsel from his firm picking up additional work from Alex’s clients and on their own through Priori Marketplace. 

Making a Transition When Business Changes

Beth’s story may ring true for many in-house counsel: She had a long and fulfilling career as in-house counsel for a corporation that depended on government contracts for a significant portion of its business. Through no fault of her own, the business lost a large contract and began slowly sinking. She wasn’t sure what to do—she hadn’t been in private practice and didn’t see a path forward with their current company. She came to Priori Marketplace and through our network found an interim General Counsel role with a high-growth retail technology company. She was able to continue to use the knowledge and skill sets she built working in-house and bring that to a successful and fulfilling role at a new company. “For me, professionally, it’s been very, very satisfying,” Beth told our team. “I only wish I’d come to Priori sooner.”

From Solo Practitioner to In-House for Top Tech Company

Priori Marketplace can work for attorneys of almost all experience levels and backgrounds, and this attorney’s journey on the platform emphasizes that. As a young, solo practitioner, Charlie came to Priori looking for a way to bolster his practice. Through Priori’s vetting process and data-driven matching system, he was able to use his STEM undergraduate degree and time as a technology consultant as a differentiator. This caught the eye of one of the largest tech companies in the world who engaged Charlie through our platform. It was such a good fit that this Fortune 100 company hired him permanently based on their connection on Priori Marketplace. 

Returning to Law After Time in Another Field

For attorneys coming back to law after spending time off in another industry, Priori Marketplace can be a great option to kickstart a career rejuvenation. Recently, Dale, an attorney who started his impressive career as in-house counsel, came back to the legal field after spending years in the business world, having founded and run a technology company. After selling the company, he was trying to figure out what the next stage of his life looked like. Leveraging Priori Marketplace’s network, he found work as outside counsel for a large media company, providing significant compensation and satisfaction—for both himself and the company. 

Bouncing Back After Being Laid Off

In the last year, before joining Priori Marketplace, Elizabeth, an early-career attorney, was unceremoniously laid off from her law firm job—not for performance issues, but for macroeconomic reasons. While still an incredibly capable and industrious practitioner, the experience was understandably unsettling, and threatened to send her career permanently off the promising track it had been on. Joining Priori Marketplace allowed her to quickly find new work—providing interim, project-specific support for an AmLaw 100-ranked firm—which not only gave her an income stream to depend on, but also confidence in their skills and a reliable reference for future opportunities. The attorney was able to parlay that success on the Priori platform into a new full-time associate position at an Am Law 100 firm. Priori Marketplace offered a way to continue practicing and bridge a gap for this attorney to the next step in their career. 

No matter what your legal career path has been, or what you are looking to achieve in the future, Priori Marketplace can help you find clients, build a practice, combat attorney burnout and support the kind of lifestyle you want to lead. Learn more about joining Priori Marketplace and start your own personal journey to a fulfilling career today.

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