Lawyer Testimonials

I recommend Priori for any forward thinking lawyer that is looking for an innovative partner in the delivery of legal services to sophisticated clients.
Corey Harris
Q: What do you like most about Priori?

Their customer service (responsiveness, quality) and the fact that they guarantee payments, so I don't have to worry about not getting paid.

Arina Shulga

I love that Priori provides me with a combination of data-driven technology and personalized support through its directors and staff. . . . I can easily communicate and share documents with my clients by messaging or teleconferencing through Priori's conference center. All of the procedural details for managing the client matters are seamlessly facilitated by the Priori web portal, which is clearly laid out and easy to learn. . . . I feel very lucky to be a part of the Priori attorney network. 

Keum Park
Q: How would you describe the quality of the clients you've worked with through Priori?

All of the clients that I have worked with have been sophisticated, professional and courteous at the same time. The quality of clients were a key driver for my initial interest in the platform and are the reason for my continued use and satisfaction with the platform.

Corey Harris

The Priori enterprise clients I have worked with are brand name, sophisticated clients that have been a pleasure to work with.

Walter Nichols
I wanted to be able to work with large companies that had ongoing legal needs, but I didn't know how to get access to them. Priori provided a path for me.
Marina Warner

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